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The Cypress Residency and Internship program is designed to prepare the next generation of ministry leaders for success in life, leadership, and ministry. Residents and Interns will get to experience this through being fully involved in ministry at the local church level. Residents and Interns will receive training and coaching from both young and seasoned staff who are engaged, innovative, and experienced. The Residency is a 1-year program, while the Internship is a 2-3 month program during the summer, fall, or spring semesters.

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June 2024 start

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1-year Residency

January 2024 or June 2024 start

Application Deadline

January start: November 30, 2023

June start: April 21, 2024

Developmental Elements

Hands On Ministry Experience

Experiencing practical ministry in the local church.

Ministry Coaching

Ongoing coaching and training from ministry coaches in a specific ministry area.

Leadership Development

Weekly leadership training in self-leadership, relationship leadership, and organizational leadership.

Personal Development

Growing as an individual and a follower of Christ.

Ministry Evaluation

Receiving continual feedback from a ministry coach to help you grow and develop.



Ministry Areas

Communications / Video
Production / Tech
Host Team


Past & Present

Take a look at our current Resident and Internship class from this year and where our past classes are now. Plus, check out what our former Residents have to say about their time at Cypress.

Present & Past Residents & Interns

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