What is 2911?

"Twenty-nine-Eleven" is our Summer Leadership Program for high school students who want to grow like never before.  Inspired by Jeremiah 29:11, the Summer Leadership Program is designed to cultivate a student's personal, spiritual, and leadership development and align them with God’s plan to give them hope, purpose, and the promise of a bright future.

Program Includes:
  • Teachings on Biblical principles and leadership
  • Relationship building
  • One-on-one coaching and mentorship
  • Hands-on ministry training and serving in Kids or Student Ministry

Additionally, the 2911 includes:
  • Lunch every Tuesday
  • Transportation between campuses
  • Cypress merchandise

Applications for the 2024 Summer Leadership Program are now closed. Applications for the 2025 Summer Leadership Program will open in January 2025. 

Details To Know

Dates: 8 weeks, approximately 12-15 hours per week.  See daily schedule below.

Location: Alton Darby Campus

Transportation: Student must arrange their own transportation to and from home and the Alton Darby Campus each day. Transportation will be provided for students when traveling between Cypress campuses.

Age Requirement:  2911 is a high school program, so if you're anywhere from 14-18, we want you to be a part!

Cost:  Free

Absences:  No more than 2 weeks allowed

Detailed Weekly Schedule

Monday (5 hours)
9AM: Small Group
10AM: All Staff Meeting & Chapel or Ministry Meeting
11AM-1PM: One on one with Coach
1PM: Kids or Student Staff Meeting
Tuesday (2-3 hours)
10AM: Campus Meeting
11AM: One on one with Coach
12PM: Lunch, Leadership Teaching and Q&A with Senior Pastor, Cypress Staff and Marketplace Leaders
Thursday (3 hours)
10AM: Biblical Principles and Spiritual Development Teaching
6PM-8PM: Service (attend one, serve one)
Sunday (3 hours)
9AM-12PM: Services (attend one, serve one)
6PM-8PM: Students (if applicable)