Alton Darby Production Coordinator


Alton Darby Production Coordinator

The Production Team at Cypress Church provides a high-level and professional worship experience using audio, lighting, and video systems. The Production Coordinator will help maintain and run the production systems for all ministries at the broadcast campus, including Students, Kids, Adult Outreach, and on-site events. They will also assist in the preparation for Adult Weekend Services at the broadcast location, including weekly band rehearsals, programming lights, preparing slides and videos, and on-site volunteer training. While primarily working at the broadcast campus, the Production Coordinator will sometimes move between multi-site campuses to improve Cypress’ technical systems and provide training to multi-site Tech Leaders.


  • Experience using ProPresenter, Planning Center, Abelton, Adobe Premiere and Audition, GrandMA lighting software, Canon cinema cameras, Ross video switchers, or similar programs
  • Understanding of and experience with audio systems - cabling, signal chain, RF wireless systems, signal amplification
  • Understanding of and experience with professional lighting systems - DMX cabling, LED and incandescent lighting fixtures, dimmers
  • Understanding of and experience with professional-level video systems - SDI/HDMI/CAT5 cabling, signal conversion and adapting, projection, LED walls
  • A team player with the ability to work with all ministries in supporting their technical needs
  • Advanced preparation, organization, and planning while being flexible and spontaneous
  • Experience in multi-site tech systems, troubleshooting, and repairs
  • Servant attitude
  • Operates with a spirit of excellence


  • Recruit, train, and invest in volunteer leaders
  • Assist Central Production Director in preparing technical systems for broadcast campus weekend services throughout the week, including programming lights, slides, and videos, providing audio support for worship rehearsals, etc.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to lead and serve with excellence and schedule/prepare training and appreciation events for Alton Darby Difference Makers
  • Troubleshoot and solve technical problems that occur during Weekend Services
  • Maintain systems and train volunteers for all Alton Darby campus ministries outside of weekend services including students, kids, outreach and support ministries, etc.
  • Assist in equipment repairs and installs, set design installs,
  • Provide tech services for Cypress-hosted events (funerals, weddings, school programs, etc.)
  • Other duties as assigned