Week 1

How Do I Face the Elephant in the Room?

Questions People Ask Week One – January 7/8, 2017 How Do You Face the Elephant in the Room? Main Point: How you face the elephants in your...

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Week 2

How Do I Heal From Hurt?

Questions People AskWeek Two – January 14/15, 2017How do I Heal from Hurt? Main Point: God is the God of all comfort.  We are limited...

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Week 3

How Do I Handle Stress and Anxiety?

Questions People AskWeek 3 – January 21/22, 2017How we deal with Stress & Anxiety Main Point:  Turn and Redirect - a Starting point to defeating...

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Week 4

How Do I Hear God Speak?

Questions People AskWeek 4 – January 27,28, 2017How Do I Hear God Speak? Main Point:  Does God still speak to people?  The answer is yes.1. Read...

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