What is near to the heart of God?

Over the past seven years, we have seen God’s hand of favor in unprecedented ways. Our attendance has grown by 93% and our financial giving by 122%. This past year, we have been witness to 830 salvations and 248 baptisms. However, we can’t get comfortable; our work is not finished. God has even greater things in store.

I recently re-read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John while asking myself the question, “What is near to the heart of God?” For whatever is near to Christ’s heart, I want to be near to the heart of Cypress as well. There were three main categories of investment Christ poured himself into, all birthed from a RELENTLESS LOVE for His Father and people!

For the next five years, we have a vision of being relentless in our pursuit to draw near to the heart of God in these same three categories.

We will be relentless for:

  • Building a Legacy for the next generation (kids, students, leaders)
  • Serving Communities (Cypress, Local, International)
  • Shaping Eternity through evangelism and discipleship (Coming to Christ & Growing in Him)

I am more excited about our future than I have ever been, and I can’t wait to walk this RELENTLESS LOVE journey with you.

The best is yet to come!

The vision for

is founded on 1 John 4:19

“We love because He first loved us.”

This is why our love is relentless. This is why the vision has to be so bold, so clear, so selfless . . .
because the example set by Christ is what propels the movement. We love . . . Because HE loved.

There is a mathematical symbol for the word “because” that we have used to illustrate our purpose and our strategy in this campaign. There are three aspects to RELENTLESS LOVE represented by the three dots in this symbol. This all reflects the fact that it is “BECAUSE” of Christ any of this is even possible, and it is “BECAUSE” of HIS love that we love others.

1. Building a Legacy

During Christ’s three years of public ministry, He was clear in making sure His message of hope and salvation was passed to His disciples and the next generation. 

2. Serving Communities

Christ served people, offering hope and healing. His purpose was always so they would believe and draw near to the heart of God.

3. Shaping Eternity

Christ came to die so we may live. He was relentless about reaching the lost and helping them discover and live life to its fullest. 

What does

look like for us?

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