Our group ranges from Gen Z to millennials to boomers. We've dealt with divorce, health issues, financial crisis, addictions, and many victories for guys following Jesus. We've stood in the gap for each other through much of life. And we've played a lot of pickleball!
Leader, Men’s Small Group

What types of groups are there?

There are groups for every age and stage of life. We've got groups for women, men, young adults, young professionals, married couples, and groups for our Spanish-speaking friends.

Who leads the groups?

There are small group leaders at every campus who have gone through our process to lead a group. We praise God for our small group leaders!

Why does Cypress do small groups?

Small groups are God's design to help us draw closer to Christ. Small groups are the way we make a big church like Cypress feel small and how we care for each other. We can't hire enough pastors and staff to make every hospital visit or organize every meal for moms with newborns or someone who experiences a death in their family. Small groups are how God designed the church to care for each other.

What do small groups do when they meet?

Small groups open the Bible together, dig into scripture, form friendships, and pray together. Some groups eat together, run, walk, play pickleball, and have play dates with kids.

Can you give me one more reason to join a small group?

Join a small group today at your campus because God wants to continue to change your life. If you've been living in isolation, step out of it today, and don't be a lone ranger Christian. Get into community and allow God to use your small group to draw you closer to Himself.

We eat together, do a Bible study, share our celebrations and concerns, and pray together. Our group has grown to sixteen so we're splitting into two groups to better care for each other. That's the way God designed discipleship to work.
Co-leaders, Married Couples Small Group