This page is for parents of kids. Guiding a child can be extremely challenging. We recognize the important, crucial role parents have in their kid's life as students grow in faith, identity, and knowledge of the world they're living in. 

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Parent Resources

Family Prayer Resource Guide

We hope you will use this resource as a part of your daily prayer life to help you grow closer to Jesus as a family. We pray blessings over your prayer life because prayer changes everything!

Encouragement Cards

Parenting is hard and sometimes we all need a little encouragement. Print these cards and place them around the house, in your car, in your Bible, or at the office to help you remember that You’ve Got This!

Understanding Your Child's Temperament 

Check out Kathleen Edelman's resources on how to better interact with your child!

Power-Up Devo

Join us for a game-changing devotional for your family!

Family Resources

Cypress Team Favorites HERE! Looking for Parenting Books, apps, podcasts, or age-appropriate devotionals and Bibles for your kids? Check out this list of our Cypress Kids team's favorites.

Feelings Wheel

Sometimes it’s hard to identify what you are feeling. Maybe you’re mad, but you’re also afraid. Maybe you’re happy but also feel a little guilty. The Feelings Wheel is a great resource to print out and stick on the fridge, and the next time your kid or teen needs a little help identifying what they feel, use it to help put words to the emotions inside.

You + Me

We all experience MANY emotions every single day of our lives. Some happy, some not so happy. Some fun, some not so fun. But emotions aren't bad. In fact, they're an integral part of living life to its fullest. And as parents, we want to help you navigate this conversation around emotions and explore what Jesus had to say (and do) about our emotions. Spoiler alert: He had emotions, too!

Chore Guide + Chart

Want to prepare your kids for their future? Then give them something to do now that will let them feel a part of your house. Chores are a great way to introduce your kids to responsibility, show them what it means to be a part of a family, and prepare them for the future. Here’s a guide to some phase-appropriate tasks that kids of different ages can do. We’ve also included a blank chore chart you can fill out for your kid or teen to let them know you see how hard they are working.

Get To Know Your Child

Your child is constantly changing. Their favorite shows, activities, foods, sports, friends—it all changes. Even what they dream about, what they want to be, and how they see the world is changing. Get to know who they are now in the phase of life they are in now with these sets of 21 questions for two different age groups: Preschool and Elementary.

We’ll help you get the conversation started. Who knows where it will go from there.

Cell Phone Agreement

Most of us are attached to our phones more than we’d like to admit. Sometimes, we even call people with them.

In this Cell Phone Agreement, we’ve put together some expectations for you and your kid to talk through—both for how/when they use their phone and for how/when you use yours. It’s never too late to talk about what a healthy relationship with their phone looks like.

Conversations with Your Kids

The Money Talk

The Managing Fear + Anxiety Talk

The Daily Discipline Talk

The Sex Talk

The Purpose + Passion Talk

The Spiritual Talk