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We Believe Serving Christ Is a Calling, Not Just a "Job."

We exist to lead people to Christ and provide steps to follow Him. Learn more about what it looks like to serve that mission at Cypress below. Then, if you're ready to go all in, apply to join our team!

Our Core Values


Are you considering a role at Cypress? God is first in all that we do. Then we embrace several team cultural values that keep us focused on the main goal, which is reaching others for Christ.

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What steps am I taking today to grow spiritually, relationally, physically, mentally, financially, and professionally as god defines it?

Build People

How am I inspiring, inviting, caring, equipping, and developing people to lead others to christ?

Embrace Change

Do my attitudes and actions reflect that I am not afraid to take risks and to bring new, creative ideas to the table since growth requires change?

Proactively Communicate

Do I own my own clarity and seek to ensure others understand?

Own the Outcome

How am I taking the initiative to plan ahead, find solutions, and set and achieve goals to make myself and the entire team better?

Honest Conversations

Do I deal with people directly, lovingly, and effectively without gossiping?

Go All in

How do I go above and beyond normal expectations because of what I am called to do?

Above Reproach

As staff members and representatives of Christ, we agree to abide by certain standards. At Cypress, we call these our Above Reproach Guidelines.

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Alton Darby Campus Positions

Alton Darby Production Coordinator

The Production Team at Cypress Church provides a high-level and professional worship experience using audio, lighting, and video systems. The Production Coordinator will help maintain and run the production systems for all ministries at the bro...

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Español Positions

Español Worship Leader

The Worship Leader is a spiritual and organizational leader who is responsible for the execution of all musical elements of the worship service at their respective campus. This person will ensure things are led in such a way that emphasizes the...

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Cypress Residency & Internship Programs

The Cypress Residency and Internship Programs exist to prepare the next generation for success in leadership, life, and ministry.

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