During our Peaks & Valleys series at Cypress, we looked at David's character and learned from the ups and downs he experienced during his lifetime. You may remember this part of David's story from one of the teachings. May this be an encouragement to you today for whatever you face in your job, family, relationships, etc.

And David was greatly distressed; for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God. 1 Samuel 30:6 (KJV)

If there ever was a king who imparted a valuable piece of wisdom, this would certainly be it. In 1 Samuel 30, we find King David in the worst possible scenario. He and his mighty men have just returned home from battle only to find it in ruins. The Amalekites have burned the entire city of Ziklag and have kidnapped every single person. All of the men's wives, children, friends and families are gone! The entire company was so devastated that they wept 'until they had no more power to weep.'

Then, just as we thought it could not get any worse for David, all the men began to focus their grief upon him by planning to stone him! So not only was David grieved beyond words for the loss of his family, but now he had to deal with the betrayal of his entire company of soldiers. I think we can all agree that our darkest day still pales in comparison to this.

But watch what this man of God did next: he strengthened himself in the Lord his God. David didn't get defensive against his men as they blamed him for their losses, he didn't crawl up in a ball and give up, and most of all, he didn't shake a fist at his God and cry, "Why me, God? Why are you doing this to me?" Not even close. He recognized the situation he was facing was impossible from every angle and that he needed help from the only One who could make all things possible! He fell to his face before His God and renewed his strength and courage in Him. Once his spirit was quieted, David was able to hear the wisdom about what to do next. And guess what? David and his men recovered ALL that was stolen, from the least to the greatest.

Whatever situation you might be facing today, no matter how impossible the solution might seem, I encourage you to run to your Father in Heaven and surrender the entirety of the issue to Him. Strengthen yourself in your God through prayer, praise and worship, and pursuit of His Word, and as your spirit becomes quieted, listen for Him to speak wisdom to you. He will direct your path and whisper strategy into your heart that will enable YOU to recover ALL the enemy might be trying to steal from you. With God on your side…who can be against you?

Trust and Believe.