The life of King David is a fascinating story about God's sovereignty, human nature, leadership, choices, and consequences. How does David, a great king and a "man after God's own heart," go from hero to zero so quickly? Was it when he looked at a woman who wasn't his wife, and he let his mind wander? Was it when he slept with another man's wife? Was it when he decided to have more than one wife? Was it when he gave orders to have his "mistress" husband murdered? A public "fall" often results from private compromises that began much earlier.

We can do four things NOW to stay close to God.

1. Sharpen your sword in the peaks of life.

David was at a peak in his life for a long time. He had experienced victory after victory but got lazy instead of strengthening himself during this peak time. He chose to stay home during a battle, which wasn't wrong or sinful, but instead of maintaining his relationship with God during this rest, he let his guard down and let his mind wander. He didn't do what Paul said to do in Ephesians 4:27, "don't give the devil a foothold."

2. Surround yourself with the right people.

David did the opposite and separated himself from the right people. He stayed home when he should have been with his troops so they could hold him accountable. We need people around us to encourage and confront us when needed.

3. Pursue peace over comfort.

Peace and comfort sound similar, but they're not. We work hard to surround ourselves with material things thinking the comfort of this world will give us peace. Instead, we should seek peace through a right relationship with God, the only thing that will comfort and fulfill us. Don't deceive yourself into thinking that a comfortable life can offer you peace. That is a promise that only God can provide.

4. Run to God, seek forgiveness, and do whatever you must to be right with Him.

You may also have to ask others to forgive you and understand that there are consequences of sin. The other person may never forgive you, or it may take a long time to regain their trust. That's ok. You must be humble and take responsibility for what you've done or caused. God will restore the broken places and work through you to accomplish His will.